We are happy to support these businesses and organizations:

Mission Regan

Mission Regan

Mission Regan exists to bridge the chasm between people who have too much and people who struggle to survive. We collect supplies, medicines, and equipment, then send them to those who are in desperate need – locally and globally. We focus on what we can learn from the people we are giving to, rather than what we are doing for them, and aim to sustain and continue relationships with the people we help. We believe that we can all help each other, regardless of our status.



Air1 Dallas

Air 1 is a non-profit, listener-supported radio network that plays positive hits to inspire and encourage.


McKinney Lacrosse

McKinney Lacrosse

The McKinney Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization formed to develop the lacrosse skills and talent of the players who participate on its teams, educating them about the sport and competition and developing their love of the game. We seek to provide a positive and enriching lacrosse experience for all players, with appropriate opportunity for growth and competition.

We strongly believe that the following are an integral part of any player’s lacrosse experience:

  • character, integrity and sportsmanship
  • skill development and competition
  • teamwork
  • respect for the game and teammates
  • memorable family experiences
  • fun