Custom foot orthotics help to ensure the correct positioning of the bones in the feet, ankles, and knees. The muscles and ligaments leading up to the hips and holding the leg bones in place are prevented from stretching over time, which can lead to further injury and aggravation.

Foot orthotics can also reduce muscular fatigue and may help to promote more efficient muscle performance. Many biomechanical problems related to the feet are caused by plastic deformation which occurs when connective tissue is placed under repetitive or constant stress. The connective tissue may slowly stretch over time. Increases in tissue length can cause greater bone instability in the foot and lead to issues such as over-pronation, or fallen arches.

Individuals who may benefit from foot orthotics include people who stand or walk on hard surfaces for considerable amounts of time each day, who participate regularly in high-impact sports, have had previous foot or leg injuries, or experience joint pain when walking, running, or standing.

Leader Therapy recommends custom orthotics over off-the-shelf devices, because custom orthotics last much longer and provide more support and correction.

Orthotics are shown to benefit:

  • Athletes and runners
  • People with diabetes
  • Foot pain sufferers
  • Knee and back pain sufferers
  • People with diabetes
  • People with arthritis
  • Those who want maximum comfort

What to expect at your fitting

Leader Therapy offers custom orthotics for current patients and non-patients.  During your appointment, a physical therapist will make a casts of your feet.  We will send the casts to a factory, where the orthotics will be custom cut based on the casts and notes from the physical therapist.  Your orthotics will arrive within a few weeks, and you will try them at our clinic to be sure they are the right fit.

At this time, we cannot bill the cost of the orthotics to your insurance company.  Our pricing is competitive and you will be billed the final amount when you come to pick up your custom orthotics.